annetterb (blo0barry) wrote in fob_australia,

Intros, anyone?

Just to kickstart things, how about we briefly introduce ourselves?

Favourite FOB song:
Favourite artists:

I guess that's about it...? Just add anything else if you feel like it.
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Name: Annette.
Age: 18.
Location: Victoria.
Favourite FOB song: Saturday.
Favourite artists: FOB, obv. Third Eye Blind, Placebo, Radiohead, My Chemical Romance, OK Go, Say Anything, The Vines, Eminem. More.
Interests: Music, sleeping, eating, swimming. Love street teaming. Running on lack of sleep. Books, movies and my beautiful pets.
Name: Tam
Age: 19
Location: Adelaide /crapelaide
Favourite FOB song: chicago is so two years ago
Favourite artists: fob, tai, motion city, cobra...yeah. heaps.
Interests: sleeping. eating. eating. sleeping. music.
name: jess
age: 13 :-\
location: queensland
favourite fob song: 7 minutes in heaven (atavan halen)
favourite artists: patd, fob, 3eb, forgive durden, this providence, say anything, the hush sound, mew, name taken, mcr and more
interests: music, sleeping, reading, swimming and my pets.
Name: Shannon
Age: 14 (15 next thursday)
Location: QLD
Favourite FOB song: At the moment, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs or Golden
Favourite artists: fob, the hush sound, cobra starship, panic, mcr, forgive durden, tai, 3eb, name taken and too many more
Interests: music, sport, art, sleeping
Name: Jayden
Age: 13, finally.
Location: Perth
Favourite FOB song: Grenade Jumper, actually. Or maybe Calm Before The Storm. I've Got A Dark Alley ... too. gah i love them all.
Favourite artists: FOB of course. The Counting Crows. Madina Lake. The Academy Is... Dream Theatre. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Taking Back Sunday. The Beatles. Ryan Adams. Credence Clearwater Revival. The Used. HIM. The Libertines. Paramore. ...and more hahaha
Interests: reading, writing, listening to music, watching movies, talking, communicating, talking all through the night and going to school the next day with one hour of sleep. LJ. FPS.
Name: Amanda
Age: 18
Location: Canberra
Favourite FOB Song: Homesick at Space Camp
Favourite Artists: silverchair, Cobra Starship, Brand New, Prince, David Bowie, The Format
Interests: Photography, Shopping, Art, Netball etc
Name: Bridget
Age: 17
Location: Adelaide
Favourite FOB song: ....ugh, i idk. Hand of God? Patron Saint? its really hard to pick.
Favourite artists: p!atd, brand nizzle, mae, the academy is, taking back sunday, jamie cullum, hellogoodbye.
Interests: music, reading and watching crappy reality tv shows.
Name: Courteney.
Age: 19.
Location: Queensland.
Favourite FOB song: Get busy living, or get busy dying.
Favourite artists: FOB, McFly, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Snow Patrol, Death Cab for Cutie, Billy Joel... plus more.
Interests Likes: Music, Band T-shirts, Mexian Food, British Accents, Sleeping Sundays away.

I want Travis to win 'So you think you can dance.'
Dude, me too. Travis is just the cutest little muffin ever!
The contemporary dance that he did with Heidi, the one through the bench, cemented my 'love' for him
Favourite FOB song:Chicago Is So Two Years Ago, Of All The Gin Joints In All The World, Patron Saint
Favourite artists:Fob... most FBR bands, Story Of The Year, Anberlin, Hellogoodby, Kisschasy etc. etc.
Interests:Playing and writing music, Flutes, Guitars, TV and many more.
Name: Sarah-Jane (or SJ)
Age: 18
Location: Sydney
Favourite FOB song: Hard question. It changes. At the moment, Hum Hallelujah or Of All The Gin Joints....
Favourite artists: Fall Out Boy (of course), My Chemical Romance, Jack's Mannequin, Hellogoodbye and old school Michelle Branch.
Interests: I really love watching movies and writing my own film scripts. I'm starting film school in a few weeks as well. Besides that - um... wow. I have no idea. I'm interested in the Animal Planet channel. I always find myself watching Animal Precinct for some reason. (<-Random).
Name: Sally, or Sal.
Age: 18
Location: Perth
Favourite FOB song: The Pros and Cons of Breathing, Hum Hallelujah, The Carpal Tunnel of Love, Sugar, We're Goin' Down. Augh it's really hard!! A heap more; I can't really choose.
Favourite artists: Fall Out Boy (No duh?) Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Placebo, Queen...
Interests: Reading, movies, singing/acting/etc, music, eating, The Internetz
Name: Tansy
Age: 19
Location: Victoria
Favourite FOB song: a lot Dance Dance tho is one of them
Favourite artists: A7X, SP, GC, Cute is what we aim for, The Academy is, lostprophets, the living end, kisschasy, all american rejects, plain white t's and more
Interests: writing, reading, music and comedy