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Rolling Stone writein

As some of you may know, Rolling Stone recently published an article where they referred to Patrick of Fall Out Boy as "Fat Guy".

This pissed me I did what I do best. I complained.

I highly suggest everyone else emails Rolling Stone at or (Hell, send it to both like I did!) and tells them that calling a talented young singer "Fat Guy" isn't cool.

Here's mine, and if anyone else has written in, I'd love to see what you wrote!

To The Editor,
Regarding your recent article "10 Artists to Watch", you had the following formula - "THE FORMULA (Fall Out Boy - Fat Guy) + Skid Row = The Academy Is...".

I am utterly disgusted and offended by this. What happened to your standards, or to respect for the artists who give you fodder for your magazine? Was the most offensive form of this "formula" chosen for publicity, or to irritate Fall Out Boy fans? You could've replaced "Fat Guy" with Patrick Stump - he does have a name - but you chose to be offensive.

Would you refer to Freddie Mercury of Queen as "the gay guy who died of AIDS", John Lennon as "the guy who was shot by a crazed fan" or Daniel Johns of Silverchair as "the anorexic guy from that band that used to sound like Nirvana"? All of the terms for the band members mentioned could be considered descriptive, but are still wildly offensive and would never get past the editor. Just because Fall Out Boy are this year's band to critisize and insult does not mean it's acceptable to refer to any member as "fat guy".

I hope the staff at Rolling Stone magazine realise that this comment has alienated a large number of Fall Out Boy fans who feel that any real music magazine would not dream of insulting a talented young singer based on his physical appearance - what you deem as fat, but the rest of us consider perfectly average.

I know many Fall Out Boy fans and non fans alike will not be buying your magazine after this point. Why support a magazine that can't support the bands it puts on it's cover?

I thought Rolling Stone was about the music, not about being Girlfriend or Dolly magazine with guitars. If I want to see sizeist insults, I'll read those. I don't expect them from Rolling Stone.

-Renee Riddle
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